They just keep coming. How does this keep happening!?

This time it’s A’s first baby tooth. It has come out. It was one of those dangler teeth, hanging by some tiny thread of gum until it finally succumbed to a bite of cereal. It happened at school during snack time. The tooth is mine now. It is living in a little canvas bag (with a gold outlined tooth painted on the front) waiting for an undetermined destiny. We made a trade, one baby tooth exchanged for one  $2 bill. And of course, one special gift for a first tooth lost, Ultimate Spiderman!

IMG_20170514_142105895I am amazed at every milestone, every new experience that comes along with parenting. Ten years ago, I would not have believed that I would be here. Here meaning Vermont. Here as a parent. Here in this place in life. It is surprising and extraordinary and fantastic all at once.



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