Birthday Weekend

Sometimes when you are very fortunate and you have a birthday, it is amazing.

I woke up on Friday morning to each of my kids giving me a card and gift. They were both so excited and so cute. Earrings and chocolate, in case you were wondering.

Then, while I took a shower, my wife and the kids went downstairs and made me breakfast. My favorite thing: breakfast that I didn’t have to make. Nom.

Skip to eight-ish hours later, Ashley picked me up from work sans kids and we went shopping on Church Street in Burlington. We went into many stores without any child related interruptions. (We did however get a call from Andy to tell us that he lost his first tooth! More on how fast kids grow up later).

We took this adorable photo on the steps of the court house (where we were legally married in 2009).


I got two awesome comic books (stay tuned, pregnant Spiderwoman may turn into a post of it’s own).

We had dinner at Butch and Babe’s, where I had a birthday beer (Life in Technicolor, Northfield, VT), and Green Bowties (not pictured).


Saturday we spent the day getting getting stuff done around the house (one of my favorite things to do is cross things off a list). We had lunch and dinner care of the Hunger Mountain Co-op in Montpelier (lunch dine-in, dinner take out).

We took the Statehouse trail in Hubbard Park, an uphill walk to the the Tower (but downhill on the way back).




All of these instances of ‘we’ are me-and-wife we, not our-family-of-four we, because the kids had a weekend at Grandma and Papa-U’s house (Thanks, Grandma!)

Birthdays happen. Sometimes they are good, sometimes terrible. This year, mine was great.


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