All Kinds of Treasure

This weekend Andy and I spent some quality time together while Mama and Joey stayed home. We were all in search of a special treasure though very different in nature. Andy and I set out to Geocache while Mama sought the ever valued pee-in-the-potty. Joey is almost exactly the age that Andy was when we first trained him and showing interest so we are giving it a try. Challenges are her bladder of steal which means less chances per day to teach. In an attempt to help Mama focus, Andy I and went out to run some errands and decided to hunt for our own treasure.
We found some!


But, wait. This isn’t treasure. This is just paper. So we set out again in search of “A BIG TRASURE BOX”


As luck would have it… We found this medium ammo box deep in the woods and Andy loved every minute of the process and loved finding it even more! Based on our outing, we will definitely be heading out again on this sort of adventure but hopefully not as a result of no potty training progress.


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