Weekends Were, Made for Fun

As we approach the sweet spot, we are finding ourselves more and more willing to get in the car and go places, to take day trips, to be impromptu. This weekend was a good example of that. On saturday, we found ourselves at Big Rig Day (and even though we have a generally accepted agreement that we stay close to home one day each weekend to get things done and have some quiet time, we decided to take a day trip down to the Montshire Museum on Sunday).


Oh and I forgot that Saturday afternoon, we stopped at a park near our house and did some exploring.


The kids got a little damp playing in the water so we changed and headed home where this happened. Andy says as we are getting out of the car, “I want to lay in the grass.”


Sunday we headed down to the Montshire and started outside with a little hike that Andy escorted us on.


The outdoor water area is a favorite for these guys.



I love this stage we are in and that it is nice enough outside that we can do this. I also love that time is allowing me to share these moments again.


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