Six years, the Difference

Another “Blogging for LGBTQ Families Day” has come (and almost gone) and has drawn me back to this outlet. Previous years:






In the past six years so many things have changed. Not just for our family but for lots of LGBTQ families. Our family has transformed from two women in a unrecognized marriage to a family of four rapidly approaching the sweet spot (what we call no diapers, no teenagers). Families in many states have won legal battles and we have made great strides around the world.

I believe that by living a truthful and an out life that each LGBTQ family can make a huge difference. I know that some people might say that is not possible or reasonable depending on individual situations and I completely understand. I was born and raised in Macon, GA. I grew up attending a Baptist church and hearing my family and my friends talk about how disgusting and sinful it was to be gay. There are some sacrifices that I have made and some people that are no longer a part of my life because of who I am and who I married. But. And there is a but. The but is this:


This picture was taken last week when my 84 year old grandmother (on the far right) flew to Vermont from Macon, GA to visit our L family as she does twice a year. From the moment that I told her on the phone seven years ago that I was in a relationship with another woman, she has supported me. She came to our wedding and made special trips after the birth of both kids to visit us and meet them. She adores them both and they love Gran-Gran.


This is proof to me that things change, that people change. There are still people and families out there that feel they have to hide who they are or don’t feel safe in their communities. People that live in states that don’t recognize their relationships or work in locations where they can lose their job for who they are. It is not always easy but this picture is proof to me that things are going to be okay, we are going to be okay and I cannot wait to see how much progress we make over the next year…


4 thoughts on “Six years, the Difference

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