Summer is here…

Finding time during the week to make note of the happenings of our daily lives… There must have been a shift. I can’t help but think that something has changed as I type this. Either that or I am forgetting something major that needs to be done. I used to spend my evenings and mornings flailing through the various tasks that needed to get done, lost in the enormity of their numbers. Now, I find myself sitting here, waiting for Andy’s light timer to come on, having finished all of my weekly assignments for my current class, checked every social media source on my iPad, and I’m thinking, “I could post a blog.” What?

This week, we made a discovery and a small purchase that I think is going to make a large difference in our satisfaction of Vermont in the summer. We, unlike nearly everyone we know here especially the transplants, are not nearly as much a fan of the summer in Vermont as we are of the other seasons. It is hot and like many/most homes here we do not have air conditioning. This makes for a long, sweaty summer. In addition, we are from Florida where swimming, the beach, pools, etc. are the focus of summer. We miss(ed) water in the summer. The lakes here barely get up to reasonable temperatures and can be sketchy to swim in ( leaches, eww). Sooooo. We purchased a small backyard pool and a season membership to Jay Peak’s Pump House (indoor water park). No, it is not the beach but it is something. We got the pool set up last week and have already used it a few times.k when the sun is out the solar cover warms it up nicely. Andy was so excited.

I’m sensing it will be a good summer this year.



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