It’s almost May?

The longer I wait the more daunting the task seems to update you on the time that has passed. I have found that time is simultaneously flying by and standing still. I am torn. I find myself wishing that each moment was longer as everything seems to be speeding by leaving me lost in the daily business of be a mom. But I also am so eager to see what these two amazing little ones will become and what is in store for our family.

Joey is already smiling and interacting with people. She is getting much stronger, holding her head and body up, and nearly rolling over. She has changed so much in so little time.

Andy is my amazing little guy. He learns so much everyday. It is a joy to watch him grow.

I have returned to work and we are finding our way. It is often chaotic and we have some difficult moments but I am finding that our family is getting better everyday. And it is certainly worth it.

Some of the best moments…









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