Waiting patiently. No really, stay in there…

Somehow I’ve let December and January get away from me. How did it happen? Oh maybe it is the state I am in or maybe it is the constant projects and preparation that have been occurring over the past two months. It could be partly due to having house guests with us for some time until Ashley’s parents finally got moved into their new house next door or it could be how incredibly hectic work has been getting things ready for my leave time. It certainly is not that I have little to write about because life seems to be packed with new and exciting and sometimes overwhelmingly busy things. We have not had a free weekend in months with all of the painting, decorating, shopping, organizing, sibling preparation classes, and much, much more. I have started another semester of grad school and though I have dialed it back to one class this semester I am already finding that making the time for that has been a challenge. Luckily, the professor has a great attitude about my impending arrival, having four kids of her own, and is being very flexible thus far.

Andy is a superstar. He is so excited to be a big brother and after what we thought was going to be a difficult time a few weeks ago, which turned out to be cutting the last of two year molars combined with a growth spurt, it seems that he will adjust well.

Nitro is doing well. Moving around lots and still has plenty of space to change positions by the moment… We are starting to think that s/he will not be the strapping size of big brother Andy at birth. Not to mention measuring slightly small and my total weight gain at 38+ weeks being 23 pounds. I have mixed feelings about the smaller baby the second time. Easier birth, yay! Not knowing what to do with an actual newborn sized newborn, not yay. We shall see. Maybe we will be surprised with another large baby. We were told last time that Andy would be average an size and that didn’t end up being true…

So a note on timing for anyone that wants to follow along. Two ISH weeks until the due date. I say ISH because a specific date is a sham. But, with two weeks left and our midwife from Florida arriving on the date, we are sticking to a very tight time frame for wanting this baby to come. Please little one, please, do not come before Becky arrives. We do have a good midwife here in Vermont so no need to panic that the birth will be unattended but really, wait. Becky is the best. Nitro, as s/he is known (and I think what Andy will be calling this little one for quite some time), will hopefully be born at home in water. We have our birth pool pretty much ready. We are getting down to a pretty small to do list and getting ready for what could come at pretty much anytime now.

I will reserve my external expression of my internal panic at how quickly things are moving and how unprepared I am feeling and simply say this: Things happen for a reason. Whatever happens will happen. The timing will work out. Also, as a wise person once told me, all you need to care for a baby is a diaper and a boob. If that is true, we’ve got this.


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