November Update

It seems that a monthly update is the way things go these days. So, here is the update for November:

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Grandma and Papa U have arrived to their new home in the Green (though currently white) state of Vermont. Today is their 4th full day of living in Vermont and tomorrow we will be spending Thanksgiving together. We cannot express how exciting it for them to finally be here! Their house next door to us is almost done and they should be able to move in by the end of the year (they are in a rental now).

On a semi-related note, tomorrow after our Thanksgiving dinner, us two moms will be taking a weekend trip to NH to go shopping and get away. Andy is staying here with Grandma and Papa U. It will be the first time he has stayed overnight without us. I am both relieved and ecstatic to have someone here that we can feel comfortable with him staying with. That is not to say that he won’t be missed and that I am not apprehensive a little to leave him for the first time overnight.

In other news, Andy is two years and three plus months now. He is growing and learning so fast it is crazy. His current favorites: snow, cooking, playing cars and trucks, grapefruit, chocolate milk and vacuum trucks. Love this boy.

Just a short note about our other little one. We started a baby pool. Go here and guess: Nitro’s Baby Pool This was from about 9 weeks ago now but probably the only ultrasound we will have. Say hi to little Nitro!



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