October Update

Another busy month has passed in the Titus household. I looked at the last post and date it was publish and thought, “Wow, it has been a long time.” Then I realized how much has occurred in that timeframe and felt much better about it. We left for Florida for our Disney vacation of fun after a short trip to Burlington for a work-related conference. We spent a week away and had a great time. I have lots of photos coming as soon as we order the digitals from our Disney photo-pass. I will also discuss our thoughts on the photo-pass experience when I post those. Then we flew back with Grandma and Papa-U in tow to Vermont. They were here to mostly monitor the progress on their house. Yes, their house! As in… they have one. Well they have the frame of a house at least and it has a roof! The building has officially begun and they will hopefully be living next door to us by the end of this year. Just in time for a harsh (as predicted by some sources) winter and the arrival of grand-baby number two. I should also mention for the sake of excuses for not updating sooner that we all got sick on the last day of the Florida trip and flew home miserably on the plane. We remained sick for a full week before anyone felt like doing anything and are just now starting to get back into our normal routine.

On the second baby front, we had our one and hopefully only ultrasound last week and found out that we are indeed expecting a baby and everything about him or her looked normal! Yay. He or she is measuring a couple days smaller than our estimated date but looked great. Now that I am feeling much better and getting over the sickness, I have started working on our house transformation which will take quite some time. We had a contractor and plumbing do some preliminary work and are transforming our former open basement to a master bedroom/bathroom/closet/storage room. The next step is cleaning out the basement to get ready for paint and tile in the bathroom. Once that is done we will get some finishing work done and move downstairs to free up our current bedroom for Nitro (the Amazing!).

Andy! Andy is a two-year old. OMG how did it happen. He loves to answer every question initially with “No” and is a very active boy. He loves trucks, cars, planes, helicopters, construction vehicles, pretty much anything with an engine. He has also developed an interest in Buzz Lightyear (I think because he flies and has a spaceship) and Woody from Toy Story. He also loves his doll, Pete and Pete’s stroller and other accessories. He likes to color, eat ‘bars’ (snack bars), and is starting to engage in pretending which is great. His first love, dance, is still strong and he will dance to show his excitement for different things. He loves to read and will bring you an endless supply of books to read one right after another if you let him. He is talking a lot and learning so fast it is amazing. I love this boy!!


We are smack in the middle of fall here in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Some areas have reached their peak and trees are loosing the leaves rapidly but there is still a lot of great color. It is getting cool and I had to break out the winter box of clothing (which will soon no longer be an issue when we get out giant 5′ by 14′ closet painted downstairs). Andy asks almost daily for snow and I am sure we are soon to see some. I am very excited for winter this year despite the fact that I can not do some of the more fun winter activities like ski or sled. I will still be trying out my new-to-me snowshoes and playing in the snow with Andy as soon as it arrives. We are also excited for the holidays with family involved this year! Great times to come….


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