Introducing: Nitro the Amazing!

This is the obligatory post to post-announce that we are expecting the arrival of a second baby in late February 2014. Most people reading this should be aware of that fact already so I will use this post to answer some frequently asked questions about this conception and pregnancy.

1. I (Mandi) am pregnant again. Ashley has no desire to go through this process and maintains that she was under no hormonal influence the last go round and therefore clearly remembers the reality of pregnancy and birth. She simply could not convince me that this was a bad idea.

2. I got pregnant this time using the same process as the previous time. If you do not remember, here are the links to my posts addressing this process: Family Friday XXIV: Educational Series I, Family Friday XXV: The One with the Heartbeat and More Education, and Family Friday XXVI: Educational Series III. Note: We used the same donor that we used for Andy so they will be full siblings.

3. It took three months or cycles this go round to get a positive pregnancy test (last time it was the second month/cycle). Cost was about the same as last because even though the price had gone up per sample, we used less sample per cycle this time. Again, proving I do not have any fertility issues.

4. Before Andy was born we had a great nickname for him: Turk. As in turkey. As in baster. This time around we sought the great advice of Ashley’s father (PapaU) who coined the term “Turk” for Andy. This time we again have a clever-tied-to-the-process name for our little fetus. Nitro the Amazing! Nitro for short. Nitro works for a boy or girl right? It is going to have to because we are planning to have a surprise this time. So no need to ask about the sex.

Anything I am forgetting?

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