This is Our Boy

This is a post that I had drafted and intended to posted shortly after the last update. Here comes the but. But, something happened shortly after I drafted this post and time stood still for a couple of months. A first trimester sickness took over our lives. Fortunately, we seem to have mostly made it through. Trimester two has started and little Nitro is growing growing growing. Anyway here is the original post…

This is our boy. But by boy I mean B-O-Y boy! He loves ‘boy’ stuff, He also loves being like his Ma-mom and socializing with anyone and everyone.

Waiting his turn for the ‘drigger truck’ at the Big Rig Day in Barton
Mickey clings all over! Looks the best from the outside
Big Rock
Andy loves Snickers.. Mostly just giving her treats…
…and carrying the poop bag
Working hard mowing the lot (currently the giant hole where Grandma and PapaU’s house will be)
Big eater
Just like Ma-mom!
Note: Andy’s hand on the little girl’s leg. We do not know these girls.

Even though this is finally posted I am still way behind on updates. More to come.


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