Important Things to Know

Alas, an update on our lives. The big stuff that you may not have gotten from the silly little posts that I have managed to get out over the past year or so. I think everyone knows that we made the move to Vermont. We got here and got settled and wondered “Why oh why did we not move sooner?” Of course there are good answers to that question but I won’t go into that at the moment. This post is about something else. So we made it to Vermont and we love it here. We also made it through the first full winter in Vermont and even managed to have a little fun, some of which involved taking well timed vacations to less wintery places. We went to DC and Florida in February and March respectively. We returned to Vermont with no major travel plans in sight and ready for the winter to fade into Spring. We returned home knowing that within mere weeks we would no longer be the only Titus family in Newport, VT.

Then something happened. One of those life events that makes you realize that you have a lot less control over your life than you think you do… A large white cat walked quietly into a Florida kitchen where a grandma stood oblivious to his presence. Bam! Our lives changed. Two days (and useless appendages later, don’t worry she will be fine eventually) we were in Florida again to care for poor Grandma. Because of what I will call the Unfortunate Incident, the grandparents move to Vermont is delayed several months. We did however get two additional trips to Florida this Spring. Thanks, Grandma!

Somewhere along the way we obtained a toddler. I mean really, how does it happen so fast? Last year around this time our baby, BABY, wasn’t even a year old, could barely walk, couldn’t talk or pee in a potty. Wow what a difference a year makes…

Things happen on a daily basis that I think about posting to share with everyone and then somehow life gets in the way and those things become less at the forefront of my memory. Things like Andy calling a cookie a cook-cook, or Andy being so excited to get his night time boobie (yes, we are still breastfeeding but only before bed and when he wakes up) that he called it his “boo-bee bee-boo.” Those things are old news now but I want to remember them forever because things change too fast.


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