A Winter Break: Part I

Back in January we started hearing about all of our Vermont friends taking trips to warmer climates to escape the winter here in Vermont for a short time. Having made a master check list of vacations we want to go take (which will take us a couple of lifetimes to complete) several months ago, we decided to plan our own little mid-winter vacation. Our number one choice for destinations was not any place tropical though, it was…. Washington DC!

You might wonder why we picked DC to visit in the winter and at this point in life (especially if you knew that both Ashley and myself have been there multiple times). We organized our master lifetime vacation checklist by “places we want to go now” (a.k.a. before our toddler is old enough to be the focus of a vacation), “places we want to go when our toddler is a little boy and therefore should be very kid friendly” and finally. “places we want to go when our toddler is a teenager or adult”. We decided that DC is a place that we can see cool things (i.e. museums, monuments, etc.) with a toddler and still enjoy them. Luckily, we were right about that.

Last weekend being a long weekend, we decided to take advantage of it and I took a couple of extra days off in order to make a very long weekend/short week vacation. We got up very early on Valentine’s Day/Andy’s half birthday and drove to the Manchester, NH airport for our early morning flight.

Andy chilling at the airport in his VDay shirt. How did he get to be a year and a half already???

After arriving in Baltimore and getting our rental car we headed straight to Mount Vernon to eat lunch and explore the home of our first president. I made the mistake of thinking that we were far enough south to order sweet tea at lunch and was sadly disappointed…

Pretending to be part of the Washington fam
Our actual fam
Enjoying the warm temperatures and nice walk outside

We closed out the day with a Valentine’s Day date for the three of us complete with frozen yogurt (you can’t get this stuff in Vermont in the winter).

Sharing yogurt is a must on a date!

The next day we spent some time in some museums and saw a lot of cool stuff. Here are the highlights according to Andy:

Train… I mean. Escalator!
Old planes and stuff. Where is my snack?

We also did some fun stuff at the American Museum of Natural History. There is a very interactive room set up where kids can run loose like fools, I mean, play under close parental supervision.

Talking to Grandma on my shell phone.

Later that day Andy took the sleeping tour of the Washington monuments…

Yes, yes, it is very tall.


We spent the better part of the final day in DC at Target and Ikea. What? We don’t have those things in Vermont so they are like attractions to us… We also made time for the Air and Space Museum Annex.

Watching planes land from the tower
Behind the space shuttle with photo bomber extraordinaire, Liberty.

All in all we had a great time and owe a large thanks to our good friends, the Conaways, for letting us invade their weekend and their space. Andy was a trooper and might have even had some fun along the way. Can’t wait for future Titus family vacations (that is until Andy turns two and we have to start paying for his seat…), the next of which is incredibly soon. See we planned this trip and booked the flight just before an invitation (I’m not sure if invitation is the word, but we will go with it…) to visit Grandma and Papa-U in Florida. We will hop on another plane in just 4 days and head to Florida for a week. We shall get our tropical location after all!


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