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36 Hour Flip

February 15, 2013

Last weekend we got up with no major plans and decided that we should redo Andy’s room. Granted we had been thinking about this since we moved in a year ago. Basically, with the speed that we were forced to move in we just put his furniture into the room and said we would do something with it later. Turns out that later was the past weekend.

Ashley did some research on Montessori style bedrooms and our goal was to make the room functional both for our purposes as well as for Andy. We wanted him to have a place for his toys that he could reach, a place to sleep that was safe and accessible, and a place to play. For us, we needed a chair to rock him to sleep and his dresser area for clothes, etc.

The green shag carpet in his room was prime for 1974 and as it turns out also looks a lot like grass. We decided to go with it because the carpet is in great shape and we aren’t planning to lake that big of a change until much later… So we decided on a sky blue for the walls with the thinking that eventually we may do a mural on the wall of trees, clouds, etc. and the room will look like an outdoor spring/summer day.

With our plan in place but only a day and a half left in the weekend, we headed off to Littleton, NH to the Home Depot to look for paint, a shelf and supplies to make the room a safe place for Andy all around. We spent the rest of Saturday in Littleton but we managed to buy a lovely shade of blue paint that is low odor and eco/child safe, a white six compartment shelf (that was clearance floor model and already put together), a blue rug (a body of water, lake?), and some little safety stuff (brackets, hooks, etc.)

Sunday we got up with the tasks of cleaning, organizing, moving furniture, painting, more moving and decorating. It was a big job but we managed to get it all done by dinnertime! We even managed to take some before photos…



(Looking at this photo now all I see is clutter!)




(This isn’t the best lighting but you get the idea…)



We also created a nice little play area for Andy (my favorite part):


And of course the Montessori style bed a.k.a. mattress on the floor…


(We are leaving room to hang up artwork by Andy over his sleeping area.)

The 36 hour flip was definitely a success, even Andy thought so!



BTW, toddler photography is impossible due to constant movement…

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