Hip, Hip, Hooray!

So despite the plan that I am supposed to be posting to keep record of those little moments that we may forget about over time (which due to full time work, a toddler, and grad school I have not excelled at)… I have yet another ‘big’ moment to share today.

I am almost reluctant to post about this because I have received some negative comments and concerns about Andy being too young (he will be 18 months next week, Valentine’s Day) but a little over a month ago we decided to start potty training. We, like any parents, have talked about training and when the best time would be to do it and we do agree that it is important that the child be ready or you won’t get very far. The other side of this is the fact that we have cloth diapered and are very tired of all that entails. Luckily for us, it appears as though our child was in fact ready…

We started over a long weekend and Andy went pantsless with a nearby potty at all times. We had our rough moments but have gotten to the point now where we are comfortable calling him potty trained (still using dipes for night time and sometimes during naps). Other than sleeping times he uses the potty and has been telling us when he needs to go.

I am posting about this not to brag about our kid being potty trained early or anything like that. We are very fortunate that Ashley is home with Andy and can be consistent with the process. We are also in an area where (due to the weather ans season) we were forced to stay inside for long periods of time which made it much easier to stick to the potty training plan.  I would definitely recommend the pantsless method to anyone who wants to train and encourage parents to jump on it when the little one shows signs of readiness (which doesn’t have to mean using complete sentences to tell you they have to go or the ability to button their pants).

So hip hip hooray for Andy!


He is such a good, cooperative, sweet, happy, fun little guy… And he looks so darn cute in his tiny underpants!


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