The First Break

Alas I am blogging again. I have been charged with keeping track of the little moments and daily occurances that we are likely to forget about. Ashley wants a record of those things so that in a million years when our toddler is a little boy or worse, a teenager, we can be reminded of those little moments.

Today’s topic is a little more than a daily little moment. Today’s topic is: the first break… I would love to be able to say the first and only break but I am too intelligent and know my little one well enough to know that is not likely the case.

Yesterday, Andy and I were walking down the stairs, as we do quite frequently – his favorite task is feeding the cats which must eat on separate floors to reduce food bullying – and the unthinkable occured. Andy got ahead of himself and fell. Now I was holding his hand but he somehow managed to yank it away – probably to try and brace himself. Whatever bracing occured may have been a good thing because he did not hit his head or break any ribs or anything serious. He actually fell into an odd instinctual rolling type situation. The fall itself wasn’t even bad (from the second or third stair). I have seen him fall much harder when running around the house while playing and I have seen much harder impacts with the ground, the table, and pretty much anything else that a kid could smack his head on. He landed on his back and before he even realized what happened I was there and picking him up. We then went through the whole crying-because-I-fell-and-was-scared panic. It was obvious that he his wrist hurt initially but then he began using it again, even crawling around and playing with his trucks. We decided that he was okay and that it didn’t warrent a trip to the Emergency Department, at least not urgently. We decided to watch it and see how he was after his nap. This would of course occur about three minutes before we were supposed to leave for the day for his swim lesson and shopping in New Hampshire. After we got things calmed down we decided to go to NH and Andy napped in the car. Unfortunately when he woke up he was in more pain and not using that arm. Almost to our shopping destination, we decided that we needed to take him to see a doc and get an xray.

Turns out we were right to take him. He has a buckle fracture of the radius. He got a splint and everything. It is the most pathetic thing to see. We are affectionately calling his right arm “the claw” now because we are stellar parents. The claw is temporary and may be replaced when we see the ortho this week. Think they make waterproof, soft outer shell, casts for toddlers? If not, they should. The cutest little injured boy.


Appropriately playing with his doctor set…


Really playing it up for the Facebook shot. Seriously, most of the day he spent hurricaning around the house and getting whatever he wanted from his feeling bad for him moms…


Ready for dinner in his 2T raccoon jacket. Had to pull it out to fit over the



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