Andy Does Thanksgiving Weekend

Now that Andy is a toddler, he was able to get much more enjoyment out of Thanksgiving this year than he did last year (or in 2010), so we decided to document his adventures over the weekend.

We started Thanksgiving out with homemade cranberry muffins and Andy’s first batter licking experience

We then perused the ads for any Black Friday deals

and shared what we were thankful for

before sampling the delicious dinner being prepared.

At dinner time Andy got to ring Great-Grandma’s dinner bell.

On Black Friday we headed out shopping,

but took some time to enjoy holiday dancers at the mall,

before falling asleep mid-day from all the excitement.

After a power nap we continued shopping and then headed home for the evening.

Saturday was spent unpacking

and assembling the Christmas tree.

Time was also spent unwrapping,

organizing and hanging the ornaments

with the star being placed on top just before dinner time.

Today we are planning to head out and play in the snow that fell overnight!


2 thoughts on “Andy Does Thanksgiving Weekend

  1. You guys have the sweetest little boy. I like that you’re both wearing your “gettin’ hitched” shirts. Andy needs one too!

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