Fall is Fading Fast

Not long ago I caught you all up on the fall color and all of the events that were going on this time of year for us… Seems like it wasn’t very long ago and in fact it wasn’t. However, fall is fading so quickly up here in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Winter is steadily approaching and we are ready… I think.

I was able to get some of the yard work done this past weekend and finish up a few house projects that needed to be done before snow arrives. I do still have a few things to take care of before that lovely white blanket covers the Kingdom. In between real hard work were these moments…



And moments that lead to the need for this cute bandaid… I won’t say how it happened or what he landed on (lol) but he is a trooper and pulled through..


This past weekend before Ashley came down with the world’s nastiest cold, we went up to Jay Peak for brunch and snapped a shot of the mountain.


Yep Jay already got a light blanket…

So that is about all from here. The cool weather is quite nice at the moment and we are going to enjoy it before fall turns completely into winter…


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