We [Heart] Books

One thing that can be said with certainty is that we love books. Fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, picture books, board books… I could go on forever. Ashley’s mother taught Kindergarten, and before Ashley stayed home with Andy, she did as well. That fact coupled with our love of books means that we have a lot of children’s books. At the last count, there were nearly a thousand. So you should not be surprised that we would buy museum memberships, travel nearly four hours, stay over in a hotel, get up early to get in line, and buy a bag full of books, in order to meet and get the signature of one of our favorite children’s book authors/illustrators. Well you might be surprised anyway but it was Eric Carle!

Andy had a good time in the hotel room…


And caught up on some TV..




The line when we arrived before the museum opened for members only…


Waiting in line is boring.


Chatting with Mr. Carle:


Story time:


Museumy stuff:


Grandma and Andy:


“Look at that one, Grandma!”


Fun stuff:




All in all it was an awesome day. We got to meet Eric Carle, got the signatures and had a great time at the museum and at lunch after. Also, we learned that Mo Williams will be there next month. I smell another weekend trip. What it must be like to be a sucessful children’s book writer/illustrator (and to have your own museum while you are still alive…).ย  I want that job!


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