The amount of “free” time that I have now that we are living in Vermont and I am working at my current job is significantly more than when we lived in Florida. At the job that I have now, I am a salaried employee which means that I get paid the same amount every two weeks and I do not “punch a clock” so-to-speak. There are pros and cons to being a salaried employee and I knew that because I came from a salaried position at the hospital. However, this job, and I did not realize it when I accepted the job, is salaried at 37.5 hours per week. That means that right off the bat, I get 2.5 more hours per week to be home with my family. In addition to that, I have a 2 minute commute to work here whereas in Florida I was driving at least 25 minutes to work. So, that is another 45 minutes per day, or 3.75 hours per week that I am home. In addition to that! Because I live so close to work, I can come home for my hour lunch break almost every day so that is another ~4 hours per week to be with the family. That totals (in case you haven’t been doing the math), more that 10 hours a week that I get to spend at home with Ashley and Andy. At this stage in Andy’s life and our lives together, those 10 hours are invaluable to me. All of our time together is invaluable and especially our weekends. Weekends are the best.

A month or so ago we decided to go camping. Everyone here talks about camping. It seems like people in Vermont spend all winter cursing the cold weather and snow so when it gets nice out and warm all they want to do is go outside and sleep on the ground. Well, maybe not exactly, but tons of people go camping during the “camping season” here. So, we decided, we are Vermonters now, let’s go camping. We aren’t really big on camping but we have gone a few times before, including one road trip where Ashley and I stopped at random campsites along the way and were nomadic for a week or so. That was actually a fun trip and when Andy gets big enough we would love to do it again but instead of road tripping around the south, we can road trip around New England. Way better! So, anyway, we booked our campsite a month or two in advance and as the dates approached the weather forecast was not looking so good but we figured we wouldn’t let it get us down. We decided to go despite the forecast of rain all weekend. Friday night was pretty nice. A drizzle here and there but nothing that got in the way of this fun:

Andy is “helping” with the tent. He is currently learning what outdoory items should and should not be eaten. So far he knows that sand, dirt, leaves, sticks, rocks, and gravel do not taste good.

What is this camping business? Where is the bed? Where are my toys? Where are the kitties?

Is that my kitty? NOPE!

Sleeping in a tent is fun! It was when I was a kid and it is still. What isn’t fun is waking up in the middle of the night because the annoying camping neighbors were drinking and laughing at 2-3-4am.

The pictures stop here because the camping stopped here. It was indeed raining when we got up Saturday morning and so we decided to forego hiking or exploring the area in the rain and instead we went to Concord to go to Target, Goodwill, Olive Garden (gasp), and then outlet shopping. We decided on the way back to camp that we would just pack up and go home for the second night and that was a good plan because out tent had flooded while we were out during the day and the wind was picking up a lot. So we came home and enjoyed out nice cozy bed and the roof above it.

The past weekend we got out the kiddy pool because it was warm out. Andy wasn’t so sure at first but he ended up enjoying it quite a bit:

“Come on, Mom, let’s go!”

Camera Hog:

“You test it out first, Walrus.”

It was too cold for Walrus…

This cannot be our little baby… He is not so little and not so baby anymore. Join me in weeping over that fact.


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