Weekend Plans and More

So, this weekend we are planning to hang around the house and get things done. I know, it sound exciting right? We are among other things in the process of re-modeling our main bathroom. It is quite a project and I am sure that it will get done eventually. New walls, new floor, new tub, sink, toilet. The whole works. We are currently about 1/5 through the process. I define that as: we have already replaced the toilet and stripped the walls and half of the previosly carpeted floor. This weekend I am hoping to finish preparing the walls for their new paint job and prime them. If all goes well, next weekend I can paint (we already purchased the paint and supplies…) This would put us in the perfect place to suggest that papa-tumba help me tile the floor when they come for a visit in a couple of weeks. So, long story short, this weekend is going to be (hopefully) fairly dull.
Ready for the weekend:


On a different note, I have a new phone that has been enabling me to keep up on my blogging lately and I was checking out the stats for the blog today and noticed that people are arriving at our blog via some interesting search terms… I have provided screenshots for proof because some of the terms are so silly that you might not believe me.




As you can see for whatever reason people search for P!nk a lot and then end up on here…
To the person that arrived here by searching “slowly sitting down naked,” I am guessing that you didn’t find what you were looking for, I do not apologize for that. 
To the person(s) that got here by search “at home insemination Vermont,” let’s be friends, okay? Email us.
To the many folks that got here by searching “strippers as seen on Jerry Springer,” you are either extremely disappointed also or driving through that stretch of I-75 in Georgia that neads some billboard help…
To the person that got here by searching “breastfeeding is hard,” yes it is. I know exactly how you are feeling. I strongly believe that you should be well informed of how hard breastfeeding can be ahead of time. I also feel like you should be told to stick with it because that is normal and it will get better and you will love it. Hopefully you will continue to breastfeed for a long time and experience it in all of its awesomeness.
To everyone else reading that got here by accident and even those who are here on purpose… Have a great weekend!


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