One Happy Family

Today is Blogging for LBGT Families Day! We are an LGBT family! Two years ago we posted Blogging for LGBT Families Day 2010: A Baby in the Works. The blog post was about how we were thinking about having a baby or adopting. Last year we posted Reflections and a Little Ranting. I was 30 weeks pregnant (photo included but not a belly shot).

This year, we are living in Vermont (which legally recognizes our marriage), with a 9.5 month old babe. We are on our way to both being legal parents of our little one. The turkey that we were expecting last year at this time is now toddling around and we are loving it. We are also loving Vermont and the recognition that we get here. I will also take this moment to say that being around other LGBT families is one of the best parts about being in Vermont so far (though there are so many good parts). We have met another couple, two women, that have a toddler a bit older than Andy. We got together and went to the ‘beach’ (at the lake), went canoeing, went to lunch, and had a great time. Next week starts the softball season and I was recruited to play on a mostly lesbian team with other LGBT moms and families. We are quite excited about this also… Andy has already been enjoying some time at the softball field when Ashley and I took a walk to the park so I could practice. Though we miss dearly our friends and family that are now a distance away, we are quite happy to be in Vermont.

No teeth! Andy must have been 3 months or less in this photo…

Our first Christmas together:

Shortly after moving to Vermont:

Ashley’s greatest desire in life has come true, for Andy to love books as much as she does 🙂

And of course he loves water…

Andy’s first wave experience (on the outside):

One Happy Family:


12 thoughts on “One Happy Family

  1. Tears – joy for your great new life and sad for us because we miss you. Can’t wait for the 20th:) M&D

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