Sugarless: Day 4

So today is day 4 of our sugar cleanse. I am feeling, among other things, annoyed (other things being hungry, tired, and general crappy). I am annoyed because I am used to eating these things on a regular basis:

Mostly eaten raw (Ashley would scold me for this often).

Newest Ben and Jerry’s find. So Delicious.

A Staple.

I keep this in my top desk drawer at work and would eat a few pieces in the afternoons during the sleep lull…

And when you know you cannot have something, it makes you want it more.  Today is an improvement over yesterday when I felt the physicial effects of no sugar: sweating, fatigue, headache, etc. I am having a much more difficult time with the sugar cleansing than Ashley is, I think because she was not as big into sugar. I have also come to the painful realization (I think I knew this before but didn’t want to accept it) that no sugar means no chocolate which is also a problem for me. I am making great efforts to continue on in our sugar cleanse and feel that in no way will I fail to make it the entire 31 days. Do I think that after 31 days that I will not longer want to eat the above items…? Not at all. I am sure that I will still eat them, just in moderation. Ultimately, I went along with this because I know that Ashley is right about my consumption of sugary goodness and because I am still feeding Andy. Here are few of the items that I am replacing my snacks with:

These are great. They are easy to take to work, crunchy and tasty.

These are good. I ate them prior to the no sugar thing and will continue to eat them after I am sure.

I have read many places that depending on your level of sugar intake, the symptoms of going sugarless can last up to two weeks. I am hoping that my next update will be more positive and I will not longer be craving sugar or have any “withdrawal” symptoms. We shall see…

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