Sugar-free Times

Today is the first day of 31 that we are going sugar-free. And by sugar-free, I don’t just mean not eating sugar, or buying things that have a sugar replacement in them. I mean, we are going to go one month without any added sugar. We are doing this because Ashley thinks that I eat too much cookie dough and ice cream. If you asked her, she would tell you “it is because it is the healthy thing to do.”

They say it is a good idea:

So far, I have made it almost 24 hours and I have already made her make me sugarless cookies. They are sweetened with honey and maple syrup and taste delicious. I am still always hungry because I am using all of my food stores to create food for Andy. We went shopping last night in advance so that we could buy some snacks and food that I can eat.

I am still not sure how I will be getting my calorie intake for the day since sugarless foods as a general rule are not high-calorie foods. I did get this awesome egg-cooker for my B-day.

I am really into eggs right now so maybe that will be a start. We shall see…


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