A Trip to Florida

It appears as though posting once a month is about the standard when you’ve just moved 1,400 miles and have a small child. We also took a trip back to Florida for a week for a friend’s wedding and upon returning the airline lost one of our bags. I have spent many hours since returning home four days ago calling to try and locate my bag/get the people at the airline to make a decent effort to locate it. It has not been found. Somehow on a direct flight from MCO to BTV it vanished. The lady at the baggage service counter even said so. Anyway, I have uploaded some photos from our trip to Florida. We tried to spend as much time as possible at the beach and pool.

Andy’s first time at the beach (in a state of awareness and with control of his limbs):

Ready for the wedding:

Andy loves an adult beverage bottle:

Dancing with Mom:

Second day at the beach… A little more active in the sand today.

As you can tell, very few waves…

As time went on they got a little better and Grandma was able to snap this shot (lucky I’m even in the shot) of me:

Pool time!

Andy and his BFF, Olivia:

We had a great time in Florida but learned that either our blood has already thickened or it is dang hot there and we are so glad to be in cooler climates for the summer… When we returned here to Vermont (aside from our baggage issue) we noticed that it is really greening up and everything is blooming like crazy. It is going to be a beautiful summer!


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