Life in Vermont

It would seem from a glance that moving to Vermont has sucked us into a large void where blogging does not exist. I would like to try to assure you that is not the case…

We have been in Vermont for just over two months now and we are loving it here. I have completed two full months of work in my new position and though there is a lot to do, I am enjoying it. Our life here in Vermont is relatively simple… For instance here is a day to day picture:

Sometime before 6:30am – Andy wakes up and thus we wake up. We pretend that we are not awake in hopes that he will go back to sleep. It doesn’t work.

6:30am – We give in and “wake up” which entails checking the weather, news, Facebook, etc. on our phones from the bed while Andy locates the remote, chews on said remote, gets remote taken away, tries to take one of both of our cell phones (rarely succeeds), locates “Stace” and “Fredmed” his two stuffed animals that sleep in bed with us all, smiles at them and finally loses interest in being in bed.

7:00am (ish) – We get up. We take showers and I get dressed for work while Andy plays with his bath toys on the bathroom floor. He loves his bath toys.

7:30am – We eat breakfast. Andy also eats breakfast (many times having the same thing or sharing with one or both mommies).

8:00am – Andy gets his second breakfast (happy to say that breast milk is still his main source of food).

8:28am – I leave for work (work starts at 8:30am, it isn’t a long drive). I wave to Ashley and Andy when I drive out (most days if I don’t forget)…

8:29am – Ashley entertains Andy all day. I am sure that there are naps, playing, etc. involved. (She does a great job)

12:00pm – I leave work for lunch.

12:02pm – I arrive home for lunch. I feed Andy while Ashley makes lunch, we eat lunch, and I feed Andy again.

12:58pm – I leave home to head back to work.

1:00pm – Arrive at work. BTW. At work, I chat with people, push buttons on the computer, organize things, tell people things they don’t want to hear, and generally have a good time.

4:58pm – I leave work.

5:00pm – I get home, feed Andy, and change clothes. We set out for a walk or something equally nice (pending weather conditions).

At this point we have dinner, etc. Andy typically has his bath time, which he loves, and we get into our bedtime routine.

Andy is getting so big and is turning into a little boy instead of a baby right before our eyes. Every month Ashley takes photos of Andy and when we compare them to past months we are amazed. Here are some of the most recent photos that Ashley took for Andy’s eight month Bday:

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