We Have Arrived

So. We are in Vermont. I mean… We are in VERMONT! Living in, not just visiting. Though it is as great as we imagined, getting here was not so much great fun.It all started with the packing… Oh the packing. I must say that I got the better end of the packing deal. Ashley and her parents spent hours each day packing while I was working up until the weekend we packed the truck and left. Here is Andy putting all his effort into helping with the packing… Also, note the cat’s pretending to help but really being in the way.

Ashley and I drove to Oviedo to pick up the truck Sunday before we left. The truck was… large.

We spent all afternoon Sunday and most of Monday packing the truck until it looked like this….

One of the cats got a great seat and view during the trip… Note the yellow truck in this picture. Ashley said that driving behind the truck was about as entertaining as watching paint dry. A short note about the cats during this trip: the first day, I had Harvey (shown below) in the truck with me and I thought that he was in shock the entire day. He was very still and quite… the entire day…  Anyone that knows this cat will tell you that for him to be still and quiet means he must be near death. So the second day we decided to switch as Bella had done very well in the car the day before. We thought maybe a more open cage would help Harvey. About 20 minutes into the drive I called Ashley and offered to trade back as Bella had a bad habit of meowing the entire time…

Now we get to the good part. Day 2. Driving through Richmond, D.C., Baltimore, and New York. Everything was going great until we decided to follow the GPS’s recommendation through DC instead of taking the pre-printed Google directions or the much better plan of following the signs… Turns out, the GPS cannot predict which route you should take when driving a truck. It often times will send you to roads that say “passenger cars only” and tell you to drive directly into town instead of around it. The below photo is the only good thing that came from our diversion through DC. Ashley’s mother snapped this from the back seat…

Learning from our little incident in DC with the GPS we decided to follow the signs when we got to New York. This was a good plan… except that our delay in DC put us in New York City, preparing to cross the George Washington Bridge at exactly 5:15pm and as if driving through New York City during rush hour in a large moving truck wasn’t bad enough, there was also an accident just before the bridge… Another delay to say the least. But, alas we made it across the bridge (one million dollars in tolls later and another detour in White Plains) and we were in our hotel for night two. Day three was significantly less exciting in a bad way and we easily made it into Vermont where we snapped this little beauty at the welcome center…

We arrived on Thursday afternoon just in time to get into the house before the guys came to unload the truck.Dang straight we paid someone to unload the truck after two days or loading and three days of driving. The guys got everything moved into the house and mostly in the correct rooms and I cannot say how worth it it was. Only problem then was… where did we put that? where was that packed? where did we pack our Andy? Oh, here he is!

We are mostly unpacked now. Well, at least the items that we use regularly are unpacked and put away. We are loving it here, I am loving my new job, my wife is covered on my insurance, we get our first local produce basket on Thursday (yay), and we will have our first visitor from Florida in early March. Life is great in Vermont 🙂

*note… it would not be fair to go on about how great things are without noting that we do, of course, miss all of our friends and family that are now far away… everyone is welcome to visit 🙂 and we already have plans to come to Florida to visit twice this year*

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