We are Moving!

It is unbelievable but I have found a few minutes to post a blog and update everyone out there who likely thinks that we have all fallen off the planet because we have been so absent recently. We have not fallen off the planet but we do have some big news… We are moving from Florida to Vermont! A few years ago when we had thought about making this move, we had no idea how much would happen between then and now, nor did we know how everything would play out. Today, I can sit here in a mostly empty room and confidently say that in just over one week we will live in Vermont. In this house.

So, I bet some people are wondering how this all happened and how it happened so fast so here is a little history (a little is all there is)… A little over a month ago we decided that it was time to start looking for jobs in Vermont. Our major hold up with moving over the past few years has been our house. We own a house and we need to sell our house (still. So if you know someone who is looking to buy in New Smyrna Beach, let me know. We’ll make you a good deal.lol). Anyway. We decided that it was time to start looking for jobs despite our house not being sold. We decided that I would only look for jobs that would be worth moving to Vermont while still owning our house. I applied for a few jobs, similar to the position I was in, at major hospital systems and I applied for a couple at smaller companies, but companies that had great benefits and would be well worth the move. I submitted my resume and cover letter to a human/social services company in northern Vermont between Christmas and New Years thinking that it was likely filled and only posted because it had to be. Less than a week later, I got an email that this company was interested and wanted to do a phone interview because of the distance. I agreed and the next day we talked on the phone. The job sounded great and the more I heard about it the more I liked. Luckily, the feeling was mutual and they called me back within a couple of days to talk money. We agreed on money and the next day they offered me the job, which I accepted (after discussing it with the family of course).

Since then everything has been a pretty big blur. Ashley’s parents were on a cruise when this all happened and when they returned we had to make a plan and make it fast. We decided to fly to Vermont to find a place to live over the weekend and shockingly we were able to find a great place to rent and mostly likely purchase if all goes well. It is less than a mile from the office where I will be working and only a mile or two from pretty much everything in town.We are very excited to be moving and getting to the place that we have wanted to be for some time but still in shock as how fast everything is happening.

With the purpose of this blog now being fulfilled, we will definitely have to keep up with it better than we have recently if for no other reason to keep up with everyone that we will miss here in Florida. This of course will not be the case until after we get to Vermont and get settled. Next week we start the long and excitement filled arduous journey of driving from New Smyrna Beach, Florida to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. In tow we will have: us, 2 grandparents, 1 six-month-old baby, 2 cats (Snickers and Blu are going to be staying in Florida for the time being with Grandma and Grandpa), 1 freezer full of frozen breast milk, and a full 26′ rented moving truck. Let the fun begin and see you in Vermont!


One thought on “We are Moving!

  1. Congratulations! It is sooo sad that you are moving! However, I think it’s really awesome and really admirable how you are chasing your dreams. You know what you want and you’re making it happen. Go Tituses!

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