Family Friday (a little early): Turkey Day 2011

One year ago today Ashley convinced (and by convinced, I mean begged) me  to take a pregnancy test despite that it had only been 11 days since trying. Eleven days is usually not long enough to tell if pregnancy has set in and even if you get a positive reading, it doesn’t always mean that it will stick.  But, after much begging and knowing that the begging would go on all through Thanksgiving Day, I gave in and took the test. You probably know where this story is going but here is the longer version…

I remember waking up Thanksgiving morning and Ashley begging me to take the test until I gave in. I got up and took it. It was still a little bit dark so I looked at it and said “I don’t think there is anything there” and I tossed it in the trash. Later we were hanging out in office and I went back into the bathroom and I don’t know what made me do it but I picked the discarded pregnancy test from the trash to look at it and noticed in the now-light-out brightness that there was the faintest of lines there. Now by faintest of lines, I mean that it was so faint that I wasn’t sure there was even a line that I was seeing or if I was seeing the absence of a line. So, I brought the test with me to the office where Ashley was and brought this to her attention. Of course we went back and forward for like an hour about whether it was anything of a line or not. We finally decided to call in help with this situation so we dialed up our lifeline, Morgane (that is right, Morgane was the first person to know). I remember clearly explaining the situation and getting this response, “Go to the store, take another test, and call me back.” So that is what we did. The second test had a faint line, not quite as faint as the first. Still not convinced, I took a third test(lol). It was one of those ‘heart-breaker’ pregnancy tests where it says the word “Pregnant” or words “Not Pregnant” after the time is up. When the word “Pregnant” popped up, I remember being in total disbelief.

The three tests that I took last Thanksgiving

We spent the rest of the day all giddy and making secret jokes about it being Turkey Day. So much has happened and so much has changed (in a good way) since that day one year ago… Our little turkey did arrive and is now three and a half months old! We spent our Turkey Day this year with family and friends and had a great time.

Jokes when no one was looking...
One year later
Fun with Papatumba
Go Team! I don't know which team but yay for football!
Turkey makes me sleepy...

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