Family Friday: Darien, GA and Sapelo Island

This past week we took a trip to Darien, GA and Sapelo Island. It was Papa-Utumba’s (Grandpa Titus’) birthday and we all went on a little trip to explore some Titus lineage history.

Getting ready to board the ferry to Sapelo.

Evidently, a few generations back, Francis Hopkins leased some land on Sapelo Island for a few years until a hurricane came through and wiped out the area. He then hightailed it off the island but for that short time the Titus ancestor lived at a place that was known as Chocolate Plantation (they actually grew cotton, corn and sugar cane).

At Chocolate's location on the island.

Anyhow, we spent the day on the island with our tour guide, Fran.  She is a descendent of one of the slave families that worked on Sapelo Island back then. She showed us around the private areas as most of the island is owned and protected by the state of Georgia but there are areas that are still privately owned. Fran took us in her white van down mostly dirt roads (some of which were very bumpy) and we saw Chocolate Plantation, Hog Hammock, the lighthouse, the Reynold’s Mansion (which is now a Georgia State Park), The University of Georgia Research Facility, Nannygoat Beach, and more.

Picnic lunch at the beach.
We stayed at a B&B in Darien called Open Gates. We ate at a lot of local restaurants that mostly served seafood. The day that we drove back, we took the very scenic route down A1A. We took a ferry in Jacksonville for fun and then ate at Cap’s, a seafood place in St. Augustine.
At the bed and breakfast
On the ferry in Jacksonville

We had a great time and Andy was such a good little guy in the car and the whole trip.

Taking a break from driving at the Georgia welcome center.
Hanging out on the 30 minute ferry ride to Sapelo.
Testing out the highchair at the bed and breakfast.

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