Family Friday (ahem Sunday): Shutterfly Holiday Fun

Last year we posted Family Friday (ahem Monday): The One With the Holiday Cards. This year we are doing the same thing except last year we did not have a baby to flaunt on the front of Shutterfly products…

Baby Flaunting:

Since having Andy, we have used Shutterfly quite a bit including ordering prints, photo books, etc. and we have always been pleased with the results (and the awesome promotional coupons). We also used Shutterfly to make our “Waiting for Turk” book that some of you may have seen at our baby party.

Click here to view: Waiting for Turk

This year for holiday cards, we plan on using Shutterfly again because our cards last year turned out so well. Here are just some of the great products that Shutterfly offers: Shutterfly Christmas and Holiday Cards (what we are ordering), Shutterfly Custom Photo Books (like the book that we made for Grandma), and Shutterfly Custom Photo Gifts(expect something from here for your birthday, Grandma:)).

Here is the link to the most recent project that we made for Grandma: Anderson James Titus: The First Six Weeks


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