Part III: Life with a Newborn

Yesterday, Andy was four weeks old. It is hard to believe that four weeks has gone by already. We have made it through the first couple of weeks’ sleep deprivation and we are getting the hang of feeding, changing (cloth diapering, which I will likely post about soonish), and balancing all this with life. In the beginning, Ashley and I and Andy (mostly just had lots of visitors, too many in my opinion. I guess because I wasn’t in the hospital and people didn’t have a chance to go there to visit the first couple of days, everyone wanted to come over. It’s not that we didn’t want to see people, it was just that most people did not obey the rules of visitation.

1. If you bring food, clean up your mess.

2. Help out.

3. Don’t stay long.

Interestingly enough, some people that came actually made a bigger mess than when they arrived and just made more work for us to do. I think after the first week of visitors, we got smart and just declined any attempts for people to come over. Week two was hard  enough (if you read Part II, you will know why…) without having to deal with those people.

Now that we are getting the hang of life with a newborn, I must say that it is pretty cool. I think that is because of this precious baby (here is where I post a bunch of photos of my baby just because I can):

One day old and reading with Mommy already…

First bath:

Andy and Momma:

Boppy time:

First walk around the neighborhood in the stroller:

First nap in his crib:

Not sure if you can tell, but he has both moms wrapped around his little finger already…


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