Part I: The birth story…

I was due on August 8th. The whole pregnancy I was measuring ahead of schedule and everyone thought that I was going to go into labor early. Clearly, that did not happen. On my due date we went to see the midwife and she said that there was still “work to be done” and it could still be a little while. Meanwhile I asked how big she thought the baby would be because we didn’t have any ultrasounds except for one around 22 weeks. She measured and gave an estimate of about 7 and a half pounds. I was good with that. She scheduled me for a Biophysical Ultrasound for the 15th (one week overdue) just in case. The midwife doesn’t care so much about being overdue but the doctor that oversees her cases that go too long wants the test done at 41 weeks just in case. We really, really, really did not want to have the test done so we were trying everything to get the baby out the whole week. I had planned to work until the baby fell out but decided that my last day would be Wednesday, August 10th so that I could relax and work on coaxing the babe out. Thursday we tried everything that the midwife suggested to get it going and I was having uncomfortable contractions every 4 minutes but they never progressed. That is very frustrating, btw. The midwife said that it just wasn’t time. We made a plan to see her on Saturday for one last attempt at getting him out before the test on Monday.

On Saturday around noon, she did a membrane sweep and said to go relax so we went to lunch, had the oil changed in my car and went to Grandma and Papa-Utumba’s house for dinner. I was having contractions but nothing out of the ordinary because I had frequent periods of contractions for several weeks leading up to the due date. We got home from dinner around 7:30 pm and the contractions were getting more uncomfortable, but not painful, instead of phasing out as they usually did at night. That was the moment that I thought something real might be happening. I sent a text to the midwife around 10pm as they were getting painful but not bad. She said that it was probably the real thing but that first labors take a while so try to sleep and let her know if the contractions became so uncomfortable that I had to stop walking/talking and instead had to concentrate on breathing.ย  So, we went to bed. I never really went to sleep and around midnight I got up to heat up the rice sock that I had been using for the pain in my lower back and I was definitely feeling the contractions at that point.ย  Because we had a 45 minute drive, I decided that it was time to head over to the birth center as I didn’t want to be trapped in the car in any more pain than I was in at that point. So, I got Ashley up and she got everything ready (seriously could not have done it without her). We got to the birthing center around 1 a.m. and the midwife checked and I was about 4-5cm. She said it would be a while so to just hang out. I stood, I walked, I laid down, I sat on the birthing ball, the chair, the sofa, the toilet, and nothing helped at all. I felt like the contractions were getting stronger so quickly that I could not find a position that decreased the pain so I asked Becky (the midwife) if she could fill up the birthing pool. She suggested taking a shower or bath instead as she felt it could take a while longer. I did not want a shower or bath, I wanted in the pool. While we were talking about these options, I was shaking between contractions so she decided to check again. This time I was about 7cm so she was said it was time to get the pool ready. At this point it was about 4 a.m. She got the pool ready and I got in around 4:30am. By about 6 a.m. when she checked again, I was 9.5cm and was having to try not to push during contractions. She said that I could push if I felt like I had to and for several contractions she held the .5cm of cervix out of the way when I pushed. She called the other midwife and said that I was “really intense” and it was time for her to come in (everyone thought I was not aware of them talking but I totally I started really pushing shortly after 6 a.m. and for nearly an hour I was not making any progress so she had me get out of the pool and try different positions to try and get the babe’s head past the pelvic bone. I hated every position she had me try and it wasn’t helping either so she ended up manually helping it along (not a fun process,I’ll save you the details) and I got back in the pool to continue pushing. Shortly after getting back in the water, she checked and my water still hadn’t broken which was holding up the process as well. I told her, in very clear but hopefully polite language, to “break it and get him out.” lol After she broke it, I made more progress with the pushing and his head finally emerged at 8:24am. As the head emerged, the birth assistant, Meg, started taking photos. Despite the fact that I had a baby lodged in my pelvis, I remember specifying that I didn’t want any shots of “this” and I made a gesture towards my pelvic region. Here is the only shot she took prior to Andy fully emerging…

His head was actually out in this shot and the shoulders came out (followed by the rest of him) during the next contraction. Andy took his first swim just before 8:30 a.m. I remember someone telling me to reach down and pull him out of the water and thinking that was not possible. Becky ended up putting him on my chest and things get a bit hazy there (almost as hazy as the water was at that point).lol Here are the first photos of Anderson still hanging out in the water with me. There is also a lovely shot of Ashley cutting the cord…

Fresh out and first cry mouth:

This is Becky doing something official:

These are Andy’s WTF eyes:

The cord cutting…

Shortly after the cord cutting, Robyn (the other midwife), took the little turkey a very short distance away to the bed in the room and did all of their official stuff…

Meanwhile, the birth assistant and Becky helped me out of the birthing pool of nastiness and over to the same bed to finish the job, a.k.a. deliver the placenta and check out my tear. That is when the real fun started. I won’t dwell on the fact that the placenta was described as birthing a large portobello mushroom or the fact that it seemed like the stitching took forever. The whole water birth experience was great (having nothing to compare my experience with). I never thought that I couldn’t do it or I needed any interventions or drugs. That is right, I did the whole thing without so much as an Advil (though they did give me a few after he wasย  I did end up with a decent tear and had 8 stitches but when they put him on the scale and everyone realized how big he was, the tear didn’t seem like such a big

Here is our awesome midwife, Becky, with Andy:

So, that is my super long birth story. I would recommend the water birth or natural birth with a midwife to anyone that wants and is comfortable with trying it. If I were to do it again, I would have another water birth with a midwife and I would even consider doing it at home. Don’t get excited, I said if


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