Waiting for Turkey…

August 8, 2011. Today is my official due date. Which means that we are both excited to have made it this far and beyond ready for this baby to come out… I honestly thought that I would already be holding little Turkey Titus in my arms at this point but I was clearly wrong. The date that I originally picked for the turkey to be born has come and gone (August 6th) and Ashley’s original date (August 15th) does not look that far away at this point. Over the weekend we tried a few mild attempts at getting the baby out, none of which worked obviously. Friday night I ate some very spicy Thai food. It burned going in and yes, coming out. But, it did not induce anything significant in the line of contractions. Ashley also has been ‘checking’ my cervix for signs of readiness and attempting to stretch it a bit. This has proven unsuccessful as well. I have been drinking loads of red raspberry leaf tea for weeks now. It does cause me to have strongish contractions on an irregular basis but clearly has not produced any baby yet. I must say however, that I would recommend the tea to others as I feel it does help prepare the body. It’s just not an instant fix sort of thing. I have been walking and climbing stairs daily. This seems to cause my contractions to increase and become more regular but also has not produced a baby.

The major suggestion that I have gotten to get the baby out is drinking castor oil. At this point, I am just not willing to do it. I feel as though  tomorrow is the due date and each baby is different in the amount of time that it takes to develop and be born. The normal time frame for having the babe is between 37-42 weeks so maybe our babe just needs a little more time. The midwife is a strong believer that it is best to let the baby come when they come and I agree (even though I want the babe here two weeks ago.lol). Perhaps in a week I will be ready to try the castor oil or something more serious. We go to the midwife tomorrow for a check and next week she will start getting aggressive at getting the baby to come out so we shall see…

In the mean time, I made this video to funnel my energy:

Waiting for Turkey

I have decided that once the babe comes I am going to have a little time of my hands at home and want to try to make more videos like this of the birth, the babe, and so on…


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