Baby Party Fun

I am finally getting around to posting about the awesome baby party that Ashley’s family threw for us… We wanted bright colors, a co-ed invite list, and a pool and we got all of those things plus lots of other cool stuff.

This is the fruit skewers tray that is made to look like a turkey. Yay for Turk!

Rainbow swirl cupcakes that were delicious:

The favors were bottle and rattle shaped cookies with “T” on them and skittles to decorate the bags…

Our major activity for the shower was tie-dying. We had some onesies, squares for a blanket that Ashley’s aunt is going to make, and cloth diapers that we had everyone tie-dye. We ended up with some really cool stuff and we can’t wait to see the blanket finished…

We also put down a white crib sheet on the table so we also came out with an awesome tie-dyed crib sheet. This photo was only about halfway through, the final sheet is fully colored and awesome!

For gifts we had an eco-friendly wrapping contest and this is the winner. The gift was submerged in water and then frozen. It sat out in the sun on the pool deck during the party and we watched it melt to get to the present. It ended up being some bath toys and books (so it was okay that it was frozen in a block of ice…).

The only photo that we have of the two of us at the shower where we aren’t opening gifts or something… If anyone has some photos of us, please send them to us!

Post shower photos… me getting ready to rinse out the tie dye stuff:

All of the awesome gifts that we got from people! We are super supported by family and friends:)

The babe’s room is all organized. The diapers are pre-washed and looking awesome!

P.S. My department and friends from work also threw a baby shower for Ashley and I this past week… We will try to get photos and post more about that as well! We would also like to thank everyone that came to or sent us gifts… We are so appreciative of everyone’s support:)

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