Turk’s Bebe Pool!

Okay, people. It is time to revisit Turk’s Bebe Pool… Now is your chance if you want to guess some of the features. According to my original due date, I will be 37 weeks (full term) on Monday and according to the date given by the ultrasound and consistent measurements, I am already there! I realize that it is has been more than a month since I’ve updated but for some reason (I think I know what it is…) we seem to always have something planned or something that needs to get done. This has left me with very little time to sit in front of the computer and write about life… I am hoping that when the babe comes along and I am home during the day I will have a little time to catch up and catch you up on everything that has been happening…

Go to the Bebe Pool! Make some guesses…

Also, I didn’t do much to document the growth of our baby bump but here are a few photos that show the progression… Enjoy!

The day that we found out… Thanksgiving/Turkey Day:

Hardly a bump to see… What it must have been like back in those days….

This is when I started to pop (even though I hate that phrase):

Starting to drop???

Hopefully the next stage will be a photo of me holding the baby!


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