More thoughts on Maternity Photos

In light of the photos that I recently posted and the comment that was posted on my previous post, Turkey Tuesday: Atypical Photos, I decided to search the Google for maternity photos and see what I could find… Besides one million shots of naked pregnant women (and there is nothing wrong with a naked pregnant woman, trust me, it is HOT in Florida and the amount of clothing that I wear is indirectly correlated with the temperatures outside), there aren’t many options. Here are a selection of maternity photos that liked (aka would be willing to do myself)…

I think this is just a cute picture in general. It is obvious that she is pregnant but that is not the only focus, exactly the way it is with three other kids, I am sure. Also, the black and white is a good choice for this photo. Many of the maternity photos seem to be in black and white, but I am not sure why…? Maybe it is a practical thing because the belly looks better that way and you don’t notice imperfections so much? I don’t know.

There are a ton of maternity at the beach shots out there… I liked this one because of the colors, the woman not being completely naked, and the dad and kid are included…

I like this photo and it’s composition. The only issue that I may have with this is the writing above the doors. Perhaps I am reading into it but it seems to be implying that dad is going to be waiting around for mom to make something happen.

This is just great. Who doesn’t want to poke the belly?

Always a fan of photos with random things drawn on the belly…

This was my favorite photo that I found… I could see us doing this shot with the clothing reversed.

(note click on photos to go to the photographer sites)

Just a closing note, remember our alternative views regarding maternity photos when this little poult comes out and we have newborn photos taken…:)

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