Turkey Tuesday: Atypical Photos

As promised, I am posting more of the photos that we took. Keep in mind when you look at the following photos that our goal was not to create typical maternity photos with the husband rubbing the tum and mom-to-be making heart shapes over her belly with her hands. In case you haven’t noticed, we don’t really qualify as the “typical” family or couple that is expecting a baby and I don’t qualify as the typical pregnant woman. The goal was to have fun making the photos, push the limits a little bit, and make a person or two laugh.

In honor of Turkey Tuesday, the first one:

Turkey Tada, by Morgane Schmidt (acrylic on skin)


A few of just me in my standard dress attire… Oh how I wish I could wear my normal clothing.

Barefoot and pregnant. Also, curlers in my hair and a small bun (not a muffin) in the oven.

Me and my baby’s mama. She knocked me up. This picture proves it. Also, take note that this is the first time that I have worn a skirt in about 6 years. And even then I was uncomfortable…lol

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