Reflections and a Little Ranting

One year ago Ashley and I posted Blogging for LGBT Families Day 2010: A Baby in the Works. I went back and read it in preparation for writing this year’s post and I am amazed at how things can change in a year’s time.

One year ago we were considering but had no specific plans for having a baby… Now look at us: 30 weeks pregnant and awaiting the little turkey’s arrival. It is hard to believe that one year ago we didn’t even have a plan and now we have a baby (even if it is still inside my uterus). BTW, have I mentioned how excited we are???

Lately, I have been thinking about LGBT families in Florida because we will shortly be making another trip to our lawyer to have additional paperwork done to try to ensure that Ashley has some rights regarding our babe before we move north (which, BTW, we are still planning to do). Last November, a judge ruled that the ban on LGBT adoption in Florida was unconstitutional. Though this was a major step in the right direction for LGBT couples in Florida, it didn’t and doesn’t change anything for us. The Department of Children and Families decided at the time not to argue the ruling and to stop enforcing the law, which, has many people believing that all is great in Florida with LGBT adoption. Sadly, this is not the case. You are allowed to adopt in Florida either as a single person or a married couple, not as a married-but-not-considered-married-in-the-state-of-Florida gay or lesbian couple. Basically, this means that one person of a gay couple can be the parent of their child but not the other. LGBT couples that choose to have their own children (through insemination or surrogacy) do not have the ability to both be legal parents in Florida either as Florida only allows second parent adoptions if the couple is married (which no LGBT couple is in Florida). We have our appointment set with our lawyer to find out what legal paperwork we can have done to give Ashley some rights. I’ll be sure to update on the results of our consultation…


8 thoughts on “Reflections and a Little Ranting

  1. Move up North ASAP. In CT, MA, RI, you will both be parents (legally and socially) the instant your baby is born.


    I know this may not be possible, but I hope it is a possibility for you. Congratulations!!! And best of luck!!!

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