Turkey Tuesday: 28 Weeks Update

Yes. I am alive. But, trying to keep up with life is hard. Preparing for the arrival of our little babe is a lot of work, you guys, so forgive me for the infrequent posting and updates. Here is the current update: I am 28 weeks. Our little turkey baby is kicking, dancing, stretching, wiggling, and goofing around inside of my ever expanding abdomen. Everything seems to be going perfectly so far…

I have learned that though we are excited to meet our darling little babe, we are also finding that time is going by extremely quickly. The list of things we want to accomplish before the arrival is a mile long and despite making great leaps and bounds, the list doesn’t seem to shorten. We have gotten lots done in the baby’s room. The crib is standing, the furniture is set up, the millions of books have been organized and the shelf looks great. We still have plenty to do though and it seems like there are things happening every weekend.

This past weekend we went to Disney’s Wide World of Sports and watched the State Special Olympics Cycling event. A close friend’s brother was competing and we got to see her big baby, too!

Go Roy!

Baby Liv:

My fav pic from the day:

We also visited the Scholastic Book Warehouse Sale and managed not to spend a fortune on books. We did get a couple of cute books for the babe and some for ourselves, too. We got these two books that include dads for the babe because we want Turk to know about dads and that each family is different…

We also, in case anyone is searching for a gift to buy us (and don’t take this to mean that we need any books at all because we don’t, we really, really, don’t), would love to have And Tango Makes Three. It has two dads!

Anyhow. We also organize and cleaned our office this weekend which was a huge project that had been neglected for many moons. Now that it was all clean and sparkly, I am hoping to get to the computer more often to update you all on the latest info. I may even manage to post some photos of me and the growing babe in a couple of weeks as we are planning to do some not-so-traditional maternity photos…


3 thoughts on “Turkey Tuesday: 28 Weeks Update

  1. We loved Everywhere Babies, by Susan Meyers, in board book form for our young ones. Lots of different parenting styles represented.

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