Georgia Fun!

Last weekend Ashley and I took a trip up to Georgia to visit family. We had a great time and did some fun things while we were there. We left Thursday when I was done at work and drove up I-75 to Macon. I-75 is a fairly boring trip with the exception of the billboards that you encounter as you enter Georgia. We saw so many that we thought were interesting that we started making a list…. Here are just a few of the ones were thought were worth sharing:

Where’ s the birth certificate?” – That’s all it said… Also, it was green.

Get married. Stay married. For the kids.” – This one was complete with a photo of a small black child.

We’re Conservative: Vote Republican” – Included stock photo of the most diverse group of people they could find.

Jesus saves… 101.1 WAFT” – Waft? Really? Do you smell something religious?

For god so loved the world…” –  Written over serene photo of Jesus under a rainbow with followers in the background.

Of course, what made some of these billboards standout is the other advertisements that were interspersed between them or sometimes right above or below on a double billboards….

Strippers: Need We Say More?” – Wait for it….

Strippers: Truck Parking” – …

Strippers: As Seen on Jerry Springer!” – So, the classy type of stripper…?

And of course there were the many, many Asian massage ads that line the highway in that area… Angel Spa, Kings Spa, Royal Spa, All American Spa… Each including a photo of a young Asian girl with her mouth open. I don’t understand that last one’s name either…

So, we had fun once we got there, too. Friday we went to our favorite little place in Payne City for lunch, Dawson’s Kitchen. It is half produce market, half southern country buffet food. Friday the special was fried green tomatoes, which Ashley had (and I had a bite of). We also had mac and cheese, butter beans (just for me), and collard greens. Yum. Of course, just a light lunch…

We also went shopping for baby stuff with my grandmother who is very excited to look at all of the tiny little clothes. Her favorites were the newborn Easter dresses with ruffly butts or bloomers, some of which I must say were cute. lol

Saturday we went to Lane Orchards where we picked strawberries. Ashley found a groupon a couple of weeks ago where you could go and pick strawberries for cheap and so we took my grandmother and aunt with us. Just to note, I picked about 1/100 of the strawberries that we got. The leaning over and squatting was not my We now have a lot of strawberries in our freezer, though.

Ashley’s post picking snack….

Sunday we visited with my Dad and family. We went to lunch before heading back down I-75 towards home. We had a great time overall and enjoyed seeing family. I doubt we will be making a trip up to Macon for quite a while so glad we got to see family now. Now our weekend goals need to be getting the babe’s room ready as we have a lot of work to do on that…


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