Turkey Tuesday: Getting the Roost Ready

This is what my blogging regularity is going to be like when the little turkey comes into the world. I am preparing you all for the week long periods without updates in advance… Then, when I do have something to say it’s going to be all about our baby and our life with a baby and eventually you may get tired of reading about the babe… Oh well. That is just how it will have to be.

I think there is something about being pregnant that makes your entire mind focus on nothing but baby related stuff. This past week or so I have been itching to get the baby’s room organized and arranged and decorated. Unfortunately, this cannot be done with ease, though we are making small progress. We decided recently that we did not want the room that we had originally picked out to be the baby’s room to be the baby’s room. We decided to switch all of the furniture from the guest room to the room that we had originally picked out for the babe. This was quite a task. But, one Saturday morning Ashley got a whim and we went with it. We switched all of the furniture and in the mean time went through most of the ‘stuff’ that was in both rooms. This left us with a great big mess of stuff in the baby’s room and no organization. There are piles of stuff that we are saving for a garage sale that we will hopefully be having soon. We have a couple other areas to clean out before we can have the sale and get all of that stuff out of the baby’s room. Another problem that we face with getting the room finished is the carpet. The room that we decided to make into Turk’s room used to house a litter box. Eww. One of our cats, correction, Ashley’s cat peed on the floor when he was mad and so the smell and the nastiness of that is still lingering. We don’t want our baby to smell or smell like cat pee so we are going to have to get the carpet cleaned and potentially replaced before B-day. BTW, if anyone has any suggestions regarding our cat pee stink problem, please let me know! I would really like to not have to re-carpet the room completely to get rid of it… So we are sort of waiting for the carpet situation to be resolved. We have been looking at carpeting options and we are planning to get a professional cleaning done within the next month or so. This past weekend we decided to get the crib out of storage in my in-laws garage. It had been in storage in a not humidity controlled garage for years before that so it needed work. First of all we researched the requirements for safety to be sure that it met all of the current requirements, which it does. Then we looked into how to clean the wood and measured for the size and types of screws and such that would be needed to put it together again (the original ones are currently missing). We made a trip to the trusty home improvement store and picked up some supplies then went to work. Ashley spent a lot of time cleaning and polishing the wood and it looks great. There are a few places where the wood is old but they won’t show once the crib is put together. We also ran into a problem with the type of furniture screw that was used in 1984 to make this crib. Apparently, those sorts of things change over time and I will be replacing them. The store was out of the hardware that I needed so we will have to finished the crib in the next week or so. But, it is on the way… Like I said, we are making small progress.


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