Turkey Tuesday: The First One

I am making an executive decision to make a couple of changes to the blog at this point. Because I don’t always have something to say on Fridays for Family Friday and mostly it has to do with the little turkey that I am incubating, I am enacting Turkey Tuesday. I am also not make any promises to update for Turkey Tuesday or Family Friday every week. I will write when I have things to say and time to say them. That being said…

Today is the first Turkey Tuesday!

Yay! I must say that at this point I am feeling pretty good. I am not, however, feeling the “best ever” like some delusional people say you are supposed to during the second trimester. In fact, I wouldn’t even feel pretty good if it weren’t for the fact that now I can at least tell that this whole growing a baby thing is working. I can feel movements and bumps and kicks at this point, some of which Ashley can feel from the outside as well. I am also starting to get to the point where people can look at me and tell that I am pregnant and not just wonder if I am bloated or as one friend said today “waiting for a big fart.”  Once people realize that I am indeed pregnant there are a couple of reactions that are worth mentioning here. One, they try to touch my belly. Why do people do this? And by people I don’t mean my relatives or close friends. I mean people that I see on the elevator twice a week or chat with occasionally at work. What is that about? Why do people feel they have the right to impose their hand upon my body? Second reaction is this… “Are you feeling sick yet?” I don’t mind that people ask this but it’s the whole conversation that ensues:

Them: “Are you feeling sick yet?”

Me: “Well, I felt sick earlier on but now I feel okay.”

Them: “Oh. How far along are you?”

Me: “Almost 20 weeks. So, about halfway there :)”

Them: “20 weeks?!?!? and you look like that?”

Why are people so surprised that I am approaching 20 weeks? Several people just today have commented on this. We are going on Monday for our next Midwife appointment and going to have the ultrasound sometime next week after our appointment. I am excited to see what this little turkey looks like. I am also curious to see how she/he/it is measuring. Other news in the realm of Turk is our obsession with garage sales. We have found quite a few awesome used baby items (used but not gross…) at garage sales lately including clothes (with turkeys on them), a bouncer, a swing, and other random wooden toys and cloth books. After our poll on Facebook about the one item that you couldn’t live without with a baby and everyone said swing, we gave into the swing. But, we decided to get one used and one that plugs in to reduce the battery use. It also happens to be gender neutral in color, which was perfect. Also, it was cheap!lol

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