Family Friday XXVIII: The One With the Pool

For Family Friday this week we are posting this link to a pool that Ashley started for guessing the due date and other details. Please respond! This started because at my place of employment, the department that I work in has started a (non gambling) pool to guess the date of birth, time of birth, number of hours in labor, weight, and length. We changed it up a little bit on ours because number of hours in labor seems a little difficult to pinpoint and we wanted to include hair and eye color. Now, a couple of things that you must know before guessing those items are some details about the donor. Anyone that knows me or has seen a photo of me on the blog will know my features but the donor is a huge mystery to most people that don’t know us very well. The donor is close to 6 feet tall, medium/athletic build he has dark hair, similar to Ashley’s, and hazel eyes. FYI: His father has red hair and he has a red beard.

Just a note and don’t laugh, Ashley’s appearrance has no bearing on the outcome of the child. I have had several people ask about Ashley to make their guesses at work and in casual conversation. They realize what they have said about 3 seconds after I give them a weird look and say So, here it is… Go and guess!

Turk’s Bebe Pool!

Sorry bout the late post but stay tuned next week for my ranting about uninvited belly touching. I’ve got it all planned out in my head. I think about it each time someone randomly touches me without asking!


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