My Lovely Wife

I’ve just been thinking lately how great my wife is. She is really great. I can say that most women out there have probably never had to live with their pregnant wife before and so they may not understand what it is like. But here is a little insight…  I know that I have been needy, cranky, bloated, mopey, dopey, sleepy, grumpy, etc. (yes, a little Disney reference) over the past two months. So, I am so grateful to have my lovely wife who is willing to drive practically everywhere, make me random snacks, listen to my bitching and moaning, take the dog out and feed the cats because I’m sleepy, make dinner, clean up dinner, do my laundry, and tons tons tons more. 

Thanks, Love!

Here are some photos that Ashley took of me that prove the state of Eating pickles in bed.


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