Family Friday XXIII: The One Where You Realize I’m Pregnant

So, the word is out. Well, the word is out to those blog and Facebook people who have an investigative nature (a.k.a can view pictures and Ashley and I are expecting a little Turk in August. Here is the brief story (I will give detailed accounts of the process over the next few weeks):

We decided back in September that we were going to ‘try’ in October and not tell anyone if certain things fell into place. And as it turned out, those things fell into place quite nicely. So, we went through the whole ordeal and tried in October. Everything went perfectly, the timing was perfect, the insemination was perfect, and we were left to wait. We knew that getting pregnant on the first try was not a common occurrence and we had been warned that the odds of doing an at home insemination made it even less because whereas a physician could do an IUI, we were just doing an ICI which means that the sperm did not start off as close to their final destination. We did try to offset this by doing two attempts per cycle. We waited the extremely long two weeks and though I was persuaded to take a pregnancy test early (about 11 days after our attempts) it was negative and eventually we learned that I was not in fact pregnant.

We were disappointed despite knowing that odds were not very good and we almost held off on trying in November because of that and the fact that my race training was nearing it’s peak. I felt like the odds would be better trying two months in a row than to skip months between tries. My theory was related to one ovary being better or worse and not so much mathematical odds because that doesn’t really change month to month. So, we decided to try in November and if nothing came of it we would skip a couple of months due to the race and the holidays and everything being too crazy.

So, as the time came in November we ordered the sperm (there will be a future post about this process and packaging and such) and the timing turned out pretty well. Not quite a good as the first attempt but good enough and everything went smoothly. Again we began the long two week wait. Ashley at some point realizes that 10 days past our attempt, the earliest that you can tell pregnancy on an early pregnancy test, happens to fall on Thanksgiving Day. Wouldn’t it be cool to find out we are expecting “Turk” on Turkey Day?ย  Turns out it was pretty cool. We didn’t tell anyone (well except for our pregnancy test consultant, Aunt We did say Happy Turkey Day to everyone instead of Happy Thanksgiving. It was a secret joke that we enjoyed very much.

As of now, I am approaching my 12th week and feeling much better than what weeks 6-10 did for me and my stomach. We have seen the midwife (we had to fight the insurance for it but got approval to see her – that is another long story for another post) once and see her again in a week or so. The next appointment they are going to try and listen for the heartbeat which we are very excited about because it still feels very unreal to us. I am starting to show a tiny bit and a couple of people have even decided to point that out to me. So far no one has tried to touch my stomach or invade my personal space but give it time and someone might lose a hand…lol


10 thoughts on “Family Friday XXIII: The One Where You Realize I’m Pregnant

    1. I am so happy for you too Aunt Judy!!!!!! I can’t wait to see you guys in June/July! We’ll have to do some fun stuff…And just think, my two can get you guys ready for your grandbaby.

  1. Congratulations!!! Very excited for you…..Does that make us Great Aunt and Great Uncle??? We always hoped we were great but this clinches the deal….. Love you both…. I mean three!

  2. hooray hooray hooray! I’ve been sort of wondering if that was what has been going on… so excited for the two of you! Can’t wait to read more about whatever you’re wanting to share ๐Ÿ™‚

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