Family Friday XXII: The One without Much Family Talk

So. The Disney Marathon is this weekend and I have been getting ready physically and mentally to participate in the Goofy Challenge. Training has been difficult and though I am not at all worried about completing the Half Marathon with my head held high. I am slightly concerned about completing the Marathon the following day. I have adjusted the thoughts in my head to not being concerned about my time but just to concentrate on completing the races, even if I have to walk a portion. I had always felt like walking was like failing because the whole point was to be able to run the distance. Then I ran 16 miles without stopping and thought I was going to die. I decided that on those super long runs that I would give myself a little break. I made a plan to walk for a couple of minutes every half hour or so during the long runs. I found that the next time I did a long distance like that, I was tired but not dead and my time was nearly the same. So, that is my plan for the Disney races this weekend. I am excited and even had a special shirt made to wear! Stay tuned for photos after the weekend of me before and hopefully after the

The medals (or similar medals) that I will receive if I finish both races within the time limit:

What I will look like if I finish both races within the time limit:


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