Family Friday XXI: The One with Baby Jesus

So, I’m back from a very long writing hiatus… I have been super busy with my new job and the holidays and have not had the chance to sit down and write anything despite having plenty to say. So here is the Family Friday update:
Ashley and I had our families over for Christmas dinner. That is right. Both of our families. We were hesitant to do it but we did. My parents, Ashley’s parents and Grandma, and a few of our close friends, all came over and sat in the same room for a few hours. Everyone got along and the awkwardness was at a minimum considering the reunion was the first since prior to our wedding a year and a half ago. All in all it went pretty well. We did grossly overestimate the amount of food necessary to feed ten people but that is okay. We sent people home with leftovers.
On another semi-related note. Every year my mother ‘decorates’ their house (which is no longer their house because they sold it and are moving to South Carolina) with a wooden cross, manger and baby Jesus. Except that the baby Jesus is played in this little yard theater by my childhood babydoll. I was not particularly happy to discover that my mother was using my former doll as baby Jesus. For one, the doll was a little girl. I know because she came in a cute little pink outfit (which is now missing). It was one of those dolls that was scary because it resembled an actual baby so closely, even to the powdery smell. I was also not happy because I loved this doll very much and did not feel she should be forced to play baby Jesus out in the weather. She gets rained on, and frozen, and every year ends up this moldy gross mess of a thing. When I expressed this to my mother, she replied, “It is okay because I bleach baby Jesus every year.” Oh, yeah, that makes it better. “I just pop it’s head off and soak it in bleach.” The horror! So, this year knowing that they are moving and she will likely not set this scene in their new house as they won’t be living in a big neighborhood as they do now, I asked for my doll back. Luckily for me, I hit her up during the perfect time (packing and moving will prompt anyone to get rid of things) and I snatched the cold, naked, Jesus impersonator from the manger. Ashley and I are planning plenty of fun times using this little doll. Ashley read on a parenting blog that this couple took a baby doll into the stores and tried out all of the baby equiptment using the doll. We thought this sounded fun and will try this in the future ourselves.

Another update on the baby front. Ashley and I watched this movie called “The Business of Being Born” the other night. It was very interesting in the same way that Food, Inc. was interesting and made us change the way we thought about food. This movie made us change the way we thought about childbirth. We have mentioned that should I give birth, I would be interested in going to a Midwife instead of an OB and hospital. But, after watching this movie I don’t think that I would ever choose to go to a hospital to give birth unless I had a major issue that required a C-section straight up. If you have not seen in and are pregnant, planning a pregnancy, or just plain interested in families, childern, or childbirth, I suggest you get a copy and watch it. At several points during the film Ashley and I both said “wow” out loud at some of the statistics that are given regarding C-section rates in America. I also said “ow” during several clips as there are several births shown during the video. So, don’t say I didn’t warn you…lol


8 thoughts on “Family Friday XXI: The One with Baby Jesus

  1. I showed the picture of the baby to Cyd, and we agreed that it’s terrifying, and we’re not sure why you’d want it back! Moreover, Cyd is convinced that you’re going to wake up one night and find it sitting at the end of your bed, watching you.

  2. Very scary doll, LOL Ya giving birth in the hospital was good, but with the worry all day about if I were to have a C section which the doctor clearly thought I was gonna have it does make me consider other options for my next delivery! I am gonna hopefully get pregnant again hoping u get pregnant first and can give me advise on the birth center 🙂 Maybe a water birth oooooh how fun and grossly exciting haha

    1. Haha. The women in the video that were water birthing looked like they were just having a contraction and then BAM, the baby just came out. Almost makes me interested though the thought of stewing in the afterbirth doesn’t sound fun.

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