Family Friday XX: The One With the Excuses and Ranting

As you may have noticed, it has been incredibly difficult for me to keep up with this whole blogging business. I think in blogging there is a fine line between having enough to say because you have experiences in your life and having so many experiences in your life that you don’t have time to sit down and write about them all. That is how things have been lately. Basically, I have been working a lot more and so I have had less time to sit and write my thoughts as the times that I do have off I am trying to spend doing fun things with my family and friends. Last weekend we had a belated Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house which went pretty well. We also went to a BBQ gathering during the day on Saturday. Sunday we went to Disney and got stickers that said, “I hugged Duffy” as the new character is officially out and about in Epcot. We got a Duffy bear, as you may remember, at a pass holder preview thing we went to several months ago so we had been waiting for him to appear in the park. It was great fun.

As for the baby aspect of Family Friday, we have, from talking with friends and family received some comments regarding our potential lifestyle choices for when we eventually do end up with a child to call our own. Essentially, being big hippies, our preference would be using a midwife over an Obstetrician, using wooden and eco-friendly toys and such over plastic and battery ridden toys, using cloth diapers and wipes over disposable items, breastfeeding and making organic baby food over purchasing formula and jars of baby food. We have received some apprehensive comments and a few rolls of the eyes when we mention these ideas to people, especially people that have children and have done it a different way. That whole attitude that “you will see when you have kids” is there and I totally respect anyone that has experience with raising children. My issue with them giving us that attitude is that they don’t realize that we already live that lifestyle. We already cook homemade organic meals and prefer eco-friendly items over disposable items. We try to stay away from plastic items all together. Assuming that we get pregnant and pregnancy goes well, I want to have a natural birth, free of medical interventions. I understand the risks. I respect and appreciate everyone’s advice and comments, however I would like everyone to respect and appreciate the choices that we make as well.

So, that is my tyrade for the moment about life and pregnancy and birth and lifestyle choices and such. I hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend. Please feel free to leave me pleasant or grumpy comments related to this post and my rantings. Just remember, I frequently deal with cranky people for a living so I can handle just about anything negative that you throw my way!lol

Also, today is a very close friend of ours’ birthday (and also a significant portion or Ashley’s family) so here is my shout out to her: Happy Birthday, Madison!


2 thoughts on “Family Friday XX: The One With the Excuses and Ranting

  1. Of course you should stick to your own ideas of how to live and raise a family no matter what others might think! and you made some sane and healthy choices.

    I used to live much more organic than I do now; I had planned to have acupuncture when giving birth, but it all went so fast that I didn’t have time to any kind of pain relief; I wanted to use cloth diapers for my baby, but ended up with disposables because it was so much more convenient … we can only do our best and respect each others choices ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hip hurray for Madison – and every one else having birthday today!!

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